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Why making time for yourself is so important.

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

It was so nice to be back on the mat this morning teaching in #chepstow

The biggest thing I notice as I walk around clients is the tension in their bodies at the beginning of class and how much more at ease in their own bodies they are at the end.

We don't realise how much tension we hold throughout the week, which is why Pilates Class is a perfect time out for you to bring awareness to your body, move mindfully and touch base with how you are feeling.

Strength, mobility and stabilising are key elements in Pilates but also taking time out to move your body in a precise and intentional manner is key to any good class!

I hope this week you bring more awareness to where you are holding tension and take a second to re. lax, re. align & re. vive!

Pilates Class HQ

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