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Meditation and why it's so important for physical and mental health in 2023.

Stress is one of the most common causes of physical and mental health issues today. Evidence suggests that meditation can help reduce stress by decreasing cortisol levels (the hormone associated with stress) and increasing alpha brain waves (associated with relaxation).

Additionally, research has found that regular meditators experience less anxiety than non-meditators.

Meditation is an ancient practice with many modern-day applications that can help improve physical health as well as mental health by reducing stress levels, improving emotional regulation, increasing mental clarity and focus, boosting self-awareness, and enhancing overall well-being. Taking the first steps towards starting a meditation practice doesn’t have to be difficult; all you need is some comfortable clothing (and possibly a timer) along with 15-20 minutes each day dedicated solely to yourself and your practice.

Increasing Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is key for personal growth and development; however, it can be challenging for many people due to noise from external sources or internal distractions such as negative thought patterns or emotions. Meditation helps us tune into our inner world by allowing us to practice being present in the moment without judgement or attachment. This can lead to greater self-awareness by helping us become more mindful of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Improving Mental Clarity and Focus

Regular meditation can help improve concentration and mental clarity by training the mind to stay focused on one thing at a time without being distracted by other thoughts or external stimuli. This can lead to improved decision-making skills as well as increased productivity in both work and personal life.

Enhancing Emotional Control and Well-Being

Meditation has been shown to increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence by teaching us how to observe our thoughts and feelings without judgment or attachment. This can lead to improved emotional regulation as well as increased overall well-being by helping us manage our reactions more effectively.

Resources for Further Learning About Meditation

  • Headspace – An online platform offering guided meditations for beginners

  • Calm – A mindfulness app providing guided meditations and sleep stories

  • Mindful – An online magazine featuring articles related to mindfulness

  • Insight Timer – A free app providing access to thousands of guided meditations

  • 10% Happier – An online platform offering resources related to mindfulness

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