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Why should I start Pilates?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

"Pilates Class is a holistic form of exercise, which focuses on balance, posture, strength and mobility helping to support clients to feel more aligned, less stressed and reset," says Bethan owner of

It also helps clients to explore movement in their bodies from the inside out by tapping into a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection."

Anyone who has done Pilates knows that the core strengthening the practice offers is incredible. But your abs are only one part of what's known in Pilates as your "powerhouse."

All Pilates exercises start with alignment, breath and the core ensuring that when you make any movement you are keeping your powerhouse strong.

Engaging these muscles throughout Pilates movements provides stability, control and strength.

The benefits of Pilates aren't just physical. The focus on breathing and mindfulness throughout our Relax & Realign classes makes it great for combatting stress and promoting relaxation!

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