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Join Pilates Class on our exclusive South Wales luxury Pilates Retreat 

Join us at our highly anticipated
2.0 Pause Retreat at Gilestone Manor 
28 | 07 | 24

We would love you to join us on our exclusive South Wales luxury Pilates retreat at the idyllic Gileston Manor in South Wales this July, for a relaxing day of health and wellness activities lead by an experienced team of specialist instructors.

From rejuvenating Pilates classes, immersive Sound Healing Baths, guided meditation followed by a homemade lunch packed with natural goodness and nutrition, this day has been designed for you to hit pause and truly unwind. 

"It was so refreshing, I came away feeling so much better about myself. I am definitely going to go again this year, nothing beats it"

Who will be there?


"We design limited edition garments designed to meet the needs of the every day female athlete. Inspiring confident action through figure enhancing fits, supportive comfort and innovative fabrics.

Empowering you to conquer your gym, fitness & workout goals with confidence."



"Founded in 2014, Peak Supps is a sports supplement and nutrition company based in South Wales, UK.

Innovative, affordable and quality assured are three factors we consider to be crucial.  We perform high-standard advice and customer support, a fast service, alongside supplying high-quality supplements at a great price for our customers."


"We are big believers that you are what you eat, and that a balanced lifestyle can make you feel as vibrant as our food looks! We believe that good food should not only taste excellent but do great things for your body. Nutritious foods are the building blocks for a healthy body, and fresh ingredients provide the basis for nutritionally loaded food.

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Pilates Class is an agency that works with luxury hotels and privates studios to support classes and events. 

From traditional mat pilates to reformer sessions.


At the heart of all of my work is a total awe, at the limitless power of the body, mind and soul. I believe that every single person deserves to feel calm and in control at every stage of their life, particularly when navigating change.
I believe that we all hold the power to self-soothe and stay grounded, through whatever life throws our way. You have everything you need (and more) inside of you - my goal is to help you to access it.


What our guests said about  1.0 Pause Retreat


Our upcoming events

South Gloucestershire Rugby x World Wellness Week

Join us for our fundraising event supporting Young Minds during World Wellness Week at South Gloucestershire Rugby Club. We will be hosting a Pilates session to focus on wellbeing and mindfulness to raise awareness and money for Young Minds

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